An idea 4: cross-selling PC peripherals

The idea: Discover what you can connect to your PC

Proposition: At the point of sale introduce the connection possibilities with peripherals to pimp the buyers PC.

Linked to the previous idea 4: advertising a network solution, this idea 4: cross-selling PC peripherals works best in an online e-commerce environment such as’s product configurator.  Excite buyers about the product they have nearly bought and introduce them to the world of pimping PCs.

Create the sense of intrigue and desire to explore by using the actual ports as main options for buyers to see what is possible and let them click and drag, and play.  Surprise buyers by the wierd and wonderful USB gadgets that are available, output Blu Ray movies to LCD flat panel TVs, show what the heck that 1394 “Fighrewirerrr” port is for, show everyone peripherals that do not even need wires!  Holy cr&p!  People start seeing a PC as a hub that can be pimped endlessly.  Right I’m off to buy that USB microscope, see the Gadget Show for more great gadgets of 2008.


An idea 4: advertising network server solutions

The idea: Create your perfect IT infrastructure

Proposition: Educate and excite small businesses about the benefits of a proper server-based network solution.

Why: With servers cheaper than desktop PCs, businesses can now benefit from better IT resource sharing and security at affordable prices.

How: A dynamic micro-website that allows users to create IT network blueprints: “drag and drop” servers, switches, storage, thin clients, PCs and peripherals to create their perfect infrastructure.  The completed creation will be rated on multiple  levels with scores uploaded to a scoreboard.  The winner wins a version of their perfect infrastructure.

More why: Almost like an evolution of the Dell configurator (but much more fun), the drag and drop infrastructure creator lets the geek inside of (potential) IT network managers have fun and do their job.

Where: Dynamic display banners driving traffic to the micro-website, featuring a mini-puzzle/logic game.  Emails to the customer and prospect database.  A targeted mailing to customers due to upgrade their network, featuring a physical puzzle/logic game.

An idea 4: An online sales promotion

During tough times of the credit crunch … blah blah blah …

People still need to buy things, marketers just have to work harder now.  Sales go on all the time, some stores seem to have closing down sales lasting a whole year.  Sales and deals are even more prominent in the online world so how do you capture the attention and imagination … during tough times of the credit crunch …

The idea: A stock market

Proposition: A stock market where prices of products/services fluctuate depending on demand

Why: The thrill of hunting for the best deal, creating engagement and addictiveness

How: Registered users login to a micro-website and bid

More why: Gain powerful insight into “real market” and customer behaviour

Where: Dynamic display banners and emails to customer and prospect database (plus the massive blog/tag/press buzz) driving traffic to a landing page for registration and bidding

Even more why: Timing – during tough times of the credit crunch … the real FTSE/Dow Jones/Nekkei is of huge public interest.