Toshiba’s Timesculpture stuck in time

Toshiba launched a new advert recently using Timesculpture camera technology – i.e. Matrix-style bullet time camera techniques.

The advanced effects are impressive and do nothing to harm Toshiba’s image as an innovator of technology.

Whilst the effects are impressive (especially as the post-production team had to handle over 20TB of data from all the video they had to splice and dice), it seems that someone forgot about the real objective of the advert and it’s message.

The voice over:  “When what we watch constantly redefines itself, shouldn’t how we watch it do the same? The new Upscaling range from Toshiba: clear, sharper, richer images.”

So why do we see people doing something and then rewinding?  Instead of evolution or innovation we get people stuck in time.  Here’s me thinking that constant redefining would lead to progression.  Show me a journey that evokes emotions, which Sony did in a fun-loving way with its Balls.