Life Without Walls should be bigger than I’m a PC

The “I’m a PC” adverts are refreshing, especially after the vague Seinfeld attempts.  A clear message that basically pinpoints Microsoft’s main advantage over Mac: number of users and software availability.  I’m a PC and so are a lot of people, even glamorous women like Eva Longoria.

I’m not an Apple hater, in fact I’m blogging on a classic white G3 iBook right now as my Fujitsu-Siemens desktop can’t stop rebooting randomly.  Ok Apples maybe a bit expensive, have a great image and lovely designs blah blah blah, but its just nice to see the PC competing again – and in a not too geeky way, it probably still won’t stop Mac-Addicts acting like BMW owners though.

In fact the strapline of a “Life without walls” is probably stronger than I’m a PC.  Much like the old “Where do you want do go today” slogan, Microsoft is pushing the idea of exploration and possibilities – the truest sense of technology.