An idea 4: An online sales promotion

During tough times of the credit crunch … blah blah blah …

People still need to buy things, marketers just have to work harder now.  Sales go on all the time, some stores seem to have closing down sales lasting a whole year.  Sales and deals are even more prominent in the online world so how do you capture the attention and imagination … during tough times of the credit crunch …

The idea: A stock market

Proposition: A stock market where prices of products/services fluctuate depending on demand

Why: The thrill of hunting for the best deal, creating engagement and addictiveness

How: Registered users login to a micro-website and bid

More why: Gain powerful insight into “real market” and customer behaviour

Where: Dynamic display banners and emails to customer and prospect database (plus the massive blog/tag/press buzz) driving traffic to a landing page for registration and bidding

Even more why: Timing – during tough times of the credit crunch … the real FTSE/Dow Jones/Nekkei is of huge public interest.